Benefits of Prayer

We all know that there is always a reason behind everything in this world, all the obligations we perform and everyday jobs we do. It happens many times that we do not realize some of these major reasons and many times it just seems like external rules and regulations to us. Just like once we know the benefits of prayers, we will indulge ourselves more into prayers to keep us closer to our God.

Benefits of Prayer

Praying five times a day is considered a very fundamental part of our being true and practicing Muslims. All Muslim taught to pray 5 times a day which is an obligation for them with no gender and color discrimination.

It’s one of the big benefits of prayer that it is a unique characteristic that distinguishes a Muslim from a non-Muslim. There are numerous benefits of prayer including spiritual as well as medical benefits. Praying 5 times a day provides us timely direction and prevents us wrong decisions. Moreover, it is really important to eliminate big or little worry and anxiety. When we are in habit of praying on time we will get to know that it will produce peacefulness and confidence in our life.

Mental Benefits of Prayer

Benefits of prayer also include the energy we get from praying that helps us to distract from evil deeds and reminds us how to act according to different situations and circumstances. Addition to that prayer protects us from discouragement and opens many doors of opportunity for us and also guides us to differentiate between busyness and fruitfulness of life. When following the support of religion, the performance of prayers at the correct times and full of bowings, humanity and prostrations, and it can be a way of forgiveness from Allah and a path to everlasting paradise. And the believer can truly purify the heart and the soul of a believer.

Another benefit of prayer is that it provides us a constant reminder of the real meaning of our creator and provides a direct connection to Allah. Besides that prayer highlights the nearness between religion and our daily life. Praying repeatedly throughout the day and ending your daily actions brings about the awareness of this reality. A believer can get the best of his life and prayer also helps him to spend his life smoothly.

Physical Benefits of Prayer

As far as physical benefits of prayer are concerned, we will be amazed to know that it prayer improves our body posture and helps to control the secretion of glands. Besides that, it controls our abs and blood flow, and also improves the system of digestion. Above all that, it is very helpful to maintain our general cleanliness.

After knowing all these benefits of prayer and a lot more that are still more to know……it’s up to you, a believer, to decide that Which of these benefits do you need the most? By praying regularly you’ll see your priorities fall into place, you will feel your spirit lighter from under the burden of diminishing time and above all, you will practice a harmony that comes with spending every moment in the presence and under the guidance of your creator.

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